My First Float

My first float!

So good for the head, the heart, the belly, the body and all the kinks. I did not find it disturbing in anyway and had the sound and lights off for the whole hour. I actually preferred. I have been meditating for quite some years now and did not find it difficult to feel calm, mind you it was tough to turn off the brain and took me about 15minutes. The challenge for me is my neck and upper back. It quickly becomes evident that I work at a desk on a computer all day. For almost half of my 1 hour floats I am settling my neck and upper back and breathing my body into a balanced stillness. 

What I loved the most is that it is because your body is not feeling any pressure from your environment you have a blank canvas for which your pain points are clearly painted and become more visible. It's a great check in, a great part of your health routine and a great way to bond with someone over a new experience. I highly recommend checking out Immerse Spa in Kingston and try a float or two, or three, or four. 


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