Self Discipline as an act of Self Care

Self Discipline as an act of Self Care

I often have poor sleeps because of my jaw (I have challenging clenching tendencies) and I begin work at 9 in the mornings but I make it to my mat! Some days are much easier than others, I won't lie, but I'm always kind to myself in regards to self discipline. For the mornings that I don't make it to my mat, I spend time meditating at home or on a walk.

Self care is also about discipline and getting the things done that you don't always want to do. Self care is an act of kindness and appreciation towards the self and it is full of good vibes and long term benefits. No one has ever said "I wish I didn't do yoga today". 

Exploring the shadow self is helping me to build better discipline. Understanding the deepest why's and unpacking them in order to rephrase my self talk has been a helpful strategy but also proves to be hard work.

It's worth it. I promise you. Taking the time. Building a stronger you. A more peaceful you.

Learn to build positive self talk and positive perspectives and the universe will provide you with more to be grateful for. ....And at the very'll learn to laugh when life throws you a plot twist.

Take good care of yourselves my friends. Happy Day and Namaste <3


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