We all have Ailments

We All Have Our Ailments...
and you are not alone if you ever feel inadequate somehow

I share a lot of light because that is who I am and what I believe in. But sometimes self care can feel physically and mentally challenging. When all of the thousands of little things pile up and we find ourselves struggling with energy, dryness and even circulation...we may want to retreat. We may want to throw in the towel. My friends, I say to you...always be kind to yourself. Which often means "don't give up. Just take a step back". Maybe you need a rest? Maybe you need support or just a night with your best buds or fam jam. Listen closely and your true self will tell you what you need and often it is whispering "self compassion". - We all have our struggles. Some pains are constantly visible, some creep up every now and again and some are deeply hidden but nonetheless its breath is firey. Listen to your body for it is indeed your temple. 

My hand has had this problem for weeks now and it gets in the way of wanting to work on my projects, do yoga, play with Murray, and even cook and clean. I know it's not the end of the world but it has been a roadblock for me and I just wanted to share as a reminder that we are all human. We are all vulnerable and struggling through something. You are not alone. <3

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