About Us

Folk Tales was born out of the desire to share peoples' stories over a glass of wine. We wanted to tell tales of independent and professional theatre life mainly, but soon the desire to share more human stories became the manifesto for Folk Tales.

Ever since we were hunters and gatherers we have been sharing stories to pass on wisdom, knowledge, experience and support. This is still true today and by practicing this passing on of experience we can hope to have a positive impact somewhere, on someone.

Bringing to the table our experience in theatre, film, leadership, wellness, facilitation, business and entertainment, we hope to extract a diverse collection of stories and moments from the lives of the people around us in an attempt to bring you perspective, support, joy, comfort, and maybe even some inspiration. 

We thank you for tuning in and hope that you enjoy this humble podcast which believes in sharing the stories of human beings, one episode at a time.

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