Actor Series - Amanda Rose's Inspirational Journey as an Actor; Episode 1

In this episode of Folk Tales we hear from Amanda Rose on her journey and experiences as an actor. 

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Amanda graciously shares her stories with us from where it all began in elementary school to some of her most recent experiences while working as a professional actor in Toronto, including a spot on the hit CTV show "Dan for Mayor"! You'll hear about how she prepares for a role and connects to her characters, how she meets challenges head on and rises to overcome them, especially with auditioning for Film & TV. Amanda has a strong drive to create her own projects and shares with us some perspectives on making your own work. Tune in for this inspirational and very special episode on a rainy day, a long hike or while you're prepping your meals for the week!

*Featuring an excerpt from Marilyn Manson's "Killing Strangers" at the end of this episode.

*Please be advised that there are some f-bombs in this episode, they are used for emphasis. We truly mean no offense and appreciate your understanding. Thank you for sharing your time with us and enjoy!